What Is a Jade Vine, and What Can It Do for Your Small Business?

Jade_vine_flowers-wikimedia-250pxProbably not a lot people have heard of a jade vine. What is it? The jade vine (scientific name: Strongylodon macrobotrys) is a hardy tropical vine that is native to the Philippines. Yes, it’s a real plant. But what does it have to do with content marketing and small businesses?

On one hand, not much. But from a different point of view, quite a bit.

The jade vine is a very unique and quite lovely member of the plant world. Although it’s not made of real jade, it’s probably the closest living thing to the precious gem it shares a name with.

The plant is native to the mossy forests of Luzon in the Philippines. It grows quietly from the forest floor up to the canopy. When ready to bloom, the flower clusters hang from branches overhead and practically glow in the dim light of the forest. The flowers are hard to forget once one sees them in their full glory.

Jade vine enthusiasts nurture it and show off the beautiful blooms as prized possessions. They understand that this is a one-of-kind plant. Although it now thrives in many gardens around the world, the jade vine requires diligent care and attention in order to flower.

Now isn’t that what a small business is like? Isn’t that what your small business is like?

Like the jade vine, your niche business requires careful attention and nurturing to be successful. It may not be as big as mass-market company. But the audience that you attract is loyal and dedicated. They value your uniqueness. Your most loyal clients show off your products as coveted possessions.

But how do you find and attract that loyal client base?

Through content marketing.


Your job is to demonstrate your most attractive and unique qualities. Much like the bloom of a jade vine, if you glow in the forest of your competitors, your clients won’t help but be drawn to you.

Content marketing is useful, relevant, permission-based marketing.

You need to show (not tell) your audience why they should trust you with their business.

My job here at Jadevine Media is to help you leverage your uniqueness to attract your “enthusiasts.” That group of people who will appreciate your brand for a long time, and tell others about it.

Jadevine Media’s motto is “Growing small businesses, one word at a time.” Through blogs, email newsletters, and social media, I help small businesses take root, thrive and bloom in their niche.

Your business is like the jade vine. It’s time for you to thrive and bloom.

And now you know what the jade vine is, and I hope you appreciate its unique beauty like I do. :)’

images: CanaDanjl and temporalata via Wikimedia (Creative Commons license)

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