An Interview with Videographer Jason Magbanua

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jason-magbanua-1I first met Jason Magbanua a few years ago, in 2000. He wasn’t quite as famous then as he is now. But he already had the talent that made him the sought-after videographer he is today. How do I know? He covered my wedding. And my sister’s too. :)

My mom was the one who found out about Jason’s work, while she was helping us prepare for our weddings. I remember that she was really enthusiastic about the sample video she saw. Of course, we trust her judgment so we booked Jason. And aren’t we ever so glad we got him do our wedding. My wedding video is the only movie I’ll ever star in. I still love watching it even now.

Fast forward to 2008, I was watching a YouTube clip featuring the wedding of famous Filipino celebrity couple (you’ll find out who later). And what name should I see on the clip? Jason Magbanua. The guy’s famous now! And he’s garnered awards on the way too (see below).

All these make Jason a natural pick for our wedding series here on Filipina Soul. Besides, I figured it’s a great time to catch up with him after all these years.

FS: How did you get started as a wedding supplier? Was it a hobby that you took further? A family business?

Jason: I would say it was one happy accident. I guess nobody sets out to be a “wedding videographer” when they grow up.

I was a communications major in college and took in all film and video production courses I could. But after graduation, while everybody was going into ad agencies and the corporate route, I decided to get out of Manila and be a teacher. I think the Jesuits got the better of my social conscience. That or they were really good brain-washers :) . So off I got to Lucena City, Quezon Province. I am not from there and knew no one. But the five years I spent there were very fulfilling both on a professional and personal level.
I was teaching video production and not long after students wold ask me if they could videotape their big sister’s wedding. I gladly obliged as teaching doesn’t exactly guarantee financial freedom. I was thrilled. I could actually earn in one day what I was getting on a teacher’s monthly salary (not that it was much).
No lookng back then as I actively sought out clients after. W@W stumbled onto me and I never looked back since.

FS: Tell us about your services. How does a couple go about booking you for their wedding?

Jason: It is imperative that they see the quality of work we do before they decide. They can visit us at our studio in Makati or watch clips online. Our work is voluminous on the net. They they proceed to make a downpayment to lock the date. We can only shoot two weddings a day.

FS: What are some of the things you do to make a wedding special for a couple?

Jason: When me and my team go to a shoot, we bring with us almost eight years of experience in the business. We treat each wedding uniquely and make sure we’re there to document every meaningful moment that happens during the day.

FS: Where is the farthest you’ve gone to cover a wedding?

Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija
Bangkok – for an engagement shoot

FS: After all is done, do the newly-weds generally keep in touch with you for other events?

Jason: I love doing birthdays and baptisms of couples I’ve done. It’s the epitome of trust and customer satisfaction.


Remember what I told you about the celebrity couple whose wedding video was made by Jason? Here’s that video. For good measure, here’s another one.

Jason has been recognized several times precisely for the kind of work that you saw. Among his awards are :


Jason clearly has the edge to be highly competitive in his field. But beyond the technological aspect of shooting a wedding, he and his team will go to great lengths to give the bride and groom a memento of their special day that they will enjoy for a long long time. And if you’re curious about his personal life, I can tell you a little bit about that too. Jason married his best friend, Pang, who has operated his second camera right from the very start. Their wedding was shot by Jason’s sister using a “dinky ol’ camera”.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these videos as much as I have. Among the services that Jason and his crew offer are Widescreen wedding coverage and onsite MTVs. If you’re planning your wedding and are looking for a good videographer, well… haven’t you found one yet? ;) But you gotta hurry, because Jason’s schedule fills up quickly.

To read more about Jason and his work, visit his blog at You can also contact him through the following: | 632 8171989 | 09209602127
u6 Star Centrum Condominium, 317 Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City

image and videos posted with permission from Jason Magbanua